WorkPoint Express Hotfixes

This list contains hotfixes applied to WorkPoint Express from version onwards.

Hotfixes are not regular releases and are only applied when there is a need for fixing a problem that cannot wait for a scheduled release.

Hotfixes are applied when necessary and should not create any disturbance or system downtime.

If you are experiencing issues using WorkPoint Express, please try and update to the latest version, which you can find in this article.

WorkPoint Express 6.3.2

Release date: 16th of November, 2022.


  • Fixed an issue with starting wizards in IFrame when server ran on the latest .Net framework version.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect caching of people pickers and taxonomy pickers i Wizards.
  • Fixed an issue with a false positive error in the Applications event log.
  • Fixed an issue where the size of WorkPoint Express did not correctly follow the size of Microsoft Office application window sizes.
  • Fixed an issue where Send e-mail from entity in a web browser did not prompt the user for whether they wanted to journalize the e-mail after it was sent.
  • Fixed an issue where e-mails sent using the "Send this message again" feature in Outlook automatically tagged the e-mail as journalized, despite not having been so.
  • Fixed an issue where WorkPoint Express was using an outdated version of the dotnetbrowser component.
  • Fixed an issue where WorkPoint Express would randomly prompt for login to internal webservice.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to use My Tools buttons of type "Link" in WorkPoint Express.
  • Fixed an issue where drag-and-dropping document(s) to an existing document set produced a properties dialog without any fields.

WorkPoint advises organizations to read this article related to WorkPoint Express and Attack Surface Reduction.

WorkPoint Express

Release date: 16th of September, 2021.


  • WorkPoint Express no longer replaces commas with underscores when uploading e-mails and documents.
  • When moving documents from one location to another in WorkPoint Express, the document version history now persists.
  • When creating a link to a document in WorkPoint Express, the link will now open the associated application.
  • E-mails can now be tagged with either "Incoming", "Outgoing" or "Unknown" direction tags. This tag is stored on a column on the e-mail library. This site column (wpEmailDirection) comes standard for all new solutions, but must be manually added to e-mail lists of existing WorkPoint solutions. The direction classification is displayed using an icon.
  • A new "Send and Journalize" button has been added to the "New e-mail" window in Outlook. Clicking this button sends the composed e-mail and opens the Quick Journalize window, letting you select a location in WorkPoint to store the e-mail in.


  • Fixed a bug which would cause WorkPoint Express to fail to upload an e-mail containing an iPhone picture.
  • Fixed a bug which under certain screen resolutions and window scaling settings could make the "Add destination" button in the Quick Journalize window be hidden.
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