Delete And Recover Module Entities

Article last updated on the 2nd of December, 2021.

This article describes how to recover a module entity and the site associated site after deletion through WorkPoint 365 or WorkPoint Express.

When a module entity is deleted in WorkPoint it is sent to the recycle bin, where it can be found for up to 90 days.

The site associated with the deleted module entity will not be deleted, but renamed to "Marked to be deleted". This way we don't delete data on the sites, in case they have to be recovered later.

When the entity is restored, the original name of the site is restored as well.

For this example, we have the following entity called "Example case" in a business module called "Cases":

The entity has the following site:

We now begin by deleting the Example case entity:

  1. We select the entity we want to delete.
  2. In the command bar we click the "Delete" button.

The entity now disappears from the Cases module list:

If we go to the site of the deleted entity, we can see that the site now has the title "Marked to be deleted":

We will now restore the deleted entity from the Recycle bin:

  1. To restore the deleted entity, in the quick navigation menu in the root of the WorkPoint solution, we open the Recycle bin.
  1. In the Recycle bin, we select the entity we want to restore, and click "Restore" in the command bar.

If we return to the Cases business module, we can now once again see the entity:

If we go to the site of the restored entity, we can see that the original site name has been restored as well:

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