Using WorkPoint processes with HTTP endpoints

Article last updated on the 2nd of September, 2022.


1. Introduction

This article is a continuation of a previous article where a configuration for a WorkPoint process was made so that the CVR Number and Title fields in an Entity form could be filled in using the response from a GET request to an Http endpoint.

In this article we will go through the usage of the previous configuration.

We will open the "Create company" process, and in the CVR Number field of the form we will perform a search for "26082668". We expect the system to return a result from the configured Http endpoint providing us a lot of meta data about WorkPoint A/S, among which will be the CVR number and the title of the company. When we select this search result, the CVR Number, as well as the Title fields should be filled in with data from the Http endpoint result.

2. User Guide

In our example the previously mentioned "Create company" process is started by clicking a My Tools button of the same name:

hmnewplatform - Home - Google Chrome
  1. In the My Tools panel, we click the "Create company" button.

This opens the first step of the process, which is a form where I can input meta data for the new company:

  1. In the Entity form, the small search icon indicates that the "CVR Number" field has search options. In this instance, we click it to open the search panel:
  1. In the search panel, we use the default search box in the very top to search for "26082668", which is the CVR number of WorkPoint A/S. If we wanted to search using the "Name" parameter, we could expand the "Additional filters" group where the "Name" parameter is located due to it's Display type.
  2. The result(s) returned by the endpoint shows us both the CVR number and the most recent name of the company. If we click the search result, it becomes selected, as shown in the following image:
  1. We can confirm our selection by clicking the "Confirm" button in the bottom of the search panel.

This will fill the CVR Number field with the selected company's CVR number, but since we also configured the Title field to be filled using the data from the endpoint, the Title field gets filled with the most recent name of the WorkPoint A/S company:

From here, we can move on to the next step and continue running our process.

Note that if you have multiple parameters set up in your data binding, such as we have here, you can search using multiple queries.

In the following image, in the CVR Number field, we have for WorkPoint A/S using both the CVR number in the default search box and the the company name in the additional filters:

The endpoint returns the expected company for us to use in our process.

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