WorkPoint Automate - Business Module Properties

Article last updated on the 16th of December, 2022.


1. Introduction

Steps used in WorkPoint Automate may include several fields and properties. In this article, we will describe the properties found in the "Business module properties" tab for each step in WorkPoint Automate.

Typically, the Business module properties includes a field for selecting either a business module and a business module entity to use in the step. For some steps, you only need to select a business module.

2. Business Module Properties

The Business Module Properties tab includes the following properties:

Property name Type Description
Business module
String Here you can select the business module used for this step.
Business module entity*
Here you can select a specific entity on the selected business module to use for this step.

*The business module entity property is only available on some steps. This field may also appear simply as "Entity" or "Entity ID".

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