WorkPoint Automate - Change stage

Article published on the 9th of February, 2022.

The contents of this article may be subject to change due to ongoing development of WorkPoint Automate.

The Change stage step is a Process step used change the stage of an entity on WorkPoint. It is typically - but not always - combined with a Stage form in which a user can select a stage to transition to.

The following image shows a process which includes the Change stage step:

WorkPoint Process Builder - Google Chrome

Step specific properties

Parameter name Required Type Description
Field values No String
The field values you want to update while changing the stage.
Stage model Yes String
The stage model the target stage belong to. Also accepts Stage model IDs.
Stage Yes
The stage (content type) you want to transition to. Also accepts stage IDs.
Sub-stage No
The sub-stage you want to transition to. Also accepts term IDs.
Override constraints No
Determines the behavior for overriding constraints.
Override required fields No
If true, required fields on the entity will be ignored.
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