WorkPoint 365 Version 3.13.0

Be advised that some of these bug fixes relate to the user interface and require an update of Modern UI. You can read more about how to update Modern UI here.

Release date: 17th of February 2022 at approx. 19:00 CET.


  • The performance of site collection synchronization of permissions has been improved.
  • It is now possible to call a custom endpoint during the entity copy wizard/process. A use case for this improvement could be to increment the current financial year of a financial statement entity during copy. For this purpose, a new property in the "Entity copy settings" page in the WorkPoint administration called "Custom entity copy data endpoint" has been added.
  • TabView settings from all business modules are now cached in a single key.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Inherit security rules scoped to "Lists - All (except 'Site Pages')" still hit the Site Pages document library.
  • Fixed an issue where the CopyEntity custom endpoint functionality logged all validation errors as unexpected.
  • Fixed an issue where the Site button and the Team button for entities shown in the Express panel in WorkPoint apps for Teams did not correctly open the site for the entity or and team associated with the entity respectively.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to change stages in WorkPoint apps in Microsoft Teams.
  • Fixed an issue where the counter in the Master Site synchronization log showed incorrect numbers.
  • Fixed an issue where the Buffer Sites feature could be enabled on a business module while no buffer sites were available (if they were all deleted). The "Delete All" button has been changed to a "Recreate buffer sites" button, guaranteeing that at least one buffer site is always available if the feature is active.
  • Fixed an issue where the List View webpart would fail if certain characters were present in the subject line (if showing an e-mail library).
  • Fixed an issue with inheritance of the wpParent field from modules in different levels.
  • Fixed an issue where business module sites defaulted to "Single site collection" instead of "One site collection per entity" mode. "Single site collection" has been renamed to "Single site collection (Only for test)".
  • Fixed an issue where one hour was added to time date fields when saving edits made to entity meta data.
  • Fixed an issue where missing site properties caused entity site to malfunction.
  • Fixed an issue where the scheduler could run while site creation jobs were already running, resulting in duplicate jobs.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in errors when calling CreateOrUpdate in ListItem through the API.
  • Introduced a more explanatory error message if trying to render an entity presentation layout containing more than 12 complex fields. Entity presentation layouts can not display more than 12 complex fields. A solution is to create multiple layouts to display.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in an error when using Mail Journal API from WorkPoint Express. This fix also applies to an error calling JournalizeFlag/SetFlags in the API.
  • Fixed an issue where some configurations in the entity presentation layout builder did not render correctly in the top panel.
  • Fixed an issue where the WorkPoint List View webpart opened PDF files in the Word Online app.
  • Fixed an issue where site collection synchronization did not skip default groups if they were defined in security rules.
  • Fixed an issue where the status of a failed site collection synchronization would be set to "Complete".
  • Fixed an issue where synchronization of Teams channels from master teams failed.
  • Fixed an issue where mail merging from Power Automate would fail if the entity had an invalid site field value.
  • Fixed an issue where the Apply Theme job would fail and not resume when trying to apply a theme to a deleted site collection.
  • Fixed an issue where bucket site collections could not be provisioned due to non-existing term sets
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