WorkPoint Automate - Condition options

Article last updated on the 25th of March, 2022.


1. Introduction

Triggers used in WorkPoint Automate include several fields and options. Some of these are always the same for each step and some vary from trigger to trigger.

Triggers can have multiple condition configurations, but each condition have the same options. These condition options are described in the following table.

It is important to note that provided step inputs take priority over condition configurations.

2. Condition options

The Conditions tab on every step includes the following properties:

Property name Description
Type Select a data type to compare. You can use simple text or pick content from the Context browser.
Value Enter a value to compare.
Operator Enter an operator for the comparison, e.g "Equal to" or "Greater than".
Target type Select a target data type to compare the original type to.
Target value Select a target value to compare the original value to.
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