WorkPoint Automate - Show PDF Validation Results

Article published on the 20th of December, 2022.

The contents of this article may be subject to change due to ongoing development of WorkPoint Automate.

Some systems have strict requirements related to PDF formats and conformity. The Validate PDF documents step is used to validate PDF documents' conformity to known standards, specifically PDF/UA-1 and the Danish Digital Post service.

The Show PDF validation results step is used to display the results from the "Validate PDF documents" step.

A process involving both those steps is show in the image below:

The following image shows some of the settings for the Validate PDF documents step:

WorkPoint Process Builder - Google Chrome

The validation results are shown in a form in the process, as exemplified in the following image:

Step specific properties

Parameter name Type Required Description
Allow to continue when there are errors
Boolean Yes Use this field to set whether users can continue to the next step if there are errors in the PDF validation.
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