WorkPoint Automate - Multiple items properties form

Article published on the 15th of June, 2022.

The contents of this article may be subject to change due to ongoing development of WorkPoint Automate.

The Multiple items properties form step can be used to input meta data for multiple items in one form.

An example of use of this step could be a updating a batch of items, such as tasks, in one process.

A process for this purpose is exemplified in the image below:

The following image shows some of the settings for the Multiple items properties form step:

Step specific properties

Parameter name Type Required Description
List String No Use this field to select in which list on the selected entity to update items.
Content type String No Use field this to select which item content type to update.
Load source property values Boolean No Use this field to select if current property values of the selected items should be loaded into the form
Properties N/A No Optionally use this section to configure the fields of the items in the form, e.g. set default values, or set fields to read-only.
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