WorkPoint Automate - Watermarking in PDFs

Article published on the 21st of July, 2022.

The contents of this article may be subject to change due to ongoing development of WorkPoint Automate.

1. Case description

When working with documents which contains sensitive data it is often necessary to be able to manipulate said documents in various ways.

One example could be when a document is confidential and not to be shared with anyone outside the organization. In that case, it is customary to watermark the document with "CONFIDENTIAL" on all pages.

An example of how this could look is given in the following image:

In this case, we will work with the following requirements:

As a case manager, I would like to be able to:

  • Run a process in which I can select a PDF document and watermark it with the text "CONFIDENTIAL".
  • The watermark text should be red and the message should be rotated 45 degrees and centered both vertically and horizontally.

2. Implementation

For this case, we will work with a PDF document stored on a case registered under a specific client.

Here's what the document looks like:

We are gong to implement a process for watermarking the document.

We begin in the Process Builder inside the WorkPoint 365 Administration:

  1. We begin by clicking "New" to create a new process.
  1. In this instance, we create the new process from scratch.
WorkPoint Process Builder - Google Chrome
  1. We title the process "Watermark confidential".
  2. Next, we select "User Process" and place the process in the "Item Processes" group.
  3. Finally, we click the "Begin" button to create the new process.

For this process, we are going to use two steps: a Search item form, and an Edit and manipulate PDF step.

Our Search item form is configured as follows:

WorkPoint Process Builder - Google Chrome

With this configuration, we will be able to search for documents inside the Documents library of the current case site. We have defined a view for the library which only shows PDF documents, which we use as a default view for the search form. We have also selected to not allow multi-select.

The Edit and manipulate PDF step is configured as follows:

WorkPoint Process Builder - Google Chrome
  1. In the Step Input field in the General tab, we select the output from the Search item form.
WorkPoint Process Builder - Google Chrome

The following settings are configured using trial and error to find suitable settings for each field. Depending on settings such as font and font size, you may need to tweak the settings to match your desired look of the watermark.

  1. In the Options tab, we could set a Compress level, but since our PDF document is not very large or contains images, we leave this field blank.
  2. Next, we add a new configuration of type "Text Watermark", which we title "Confidential watermark".
  3. In the "Text For Watermark" field, we can enter "CONFIDENTIAL".
  4. In the "Font" field, we select "Arial", for no particular reason.
  5. For "Font size", we select 80.
  6. To emphasize the confidentiality, in the "Font style" field, we select "Bold".
  7. Per the requirements of the case, we select a red for our watermark font color.
  8. Also per the requirements from the case, we rotate the watermark by 45 degrees.
  9. So that the watermark does not obscure the text in the document, we set the transparency of the watermark to 25%.
  10. We use the Margin settings to move the rotated watermark text so that it appears centered. These settings might need to be changed depending on text font and size.
  11. For the alignment options, we select Center and Middle.
  12. In the "Pages To Watermark" field, we  select "All".

These options should place a watermark relatively centered with a 45 degree rotated "CONFIDENTIAL" text in red using the Arial font.

In the next section, we will run the process on a PDF document.

3. Execution

In this section, we will run the Watermark confidential process we created previously.

A My Tools button has been set up on case sites to run the process. Let's see it in action.

We begin in a case site:

One of the documents on the case is the "Evaluation" PDF document. This is the document in which we will add the watermark.

The document in it's current form is as follows:

Let's now run the process and watermark the document with the confidential text:

Blue - Home - Google Chrome
  1. In the My Tools panel, we click the button to run the Mark confidential process.
  1. In the Search item form step, we select the PDF we want to add the watermark to and click "Continue".

The Edit and manipulate PDF step now runs and adds the watermark to the document:

  1. After the process is succeeded, we click the "Close" button.

Let's open the PDF and see if the watermark was added correctly:

We can see that the "CONFIDENTIAL" watermark was added to the document in the format specified in the requirements.

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