File Manager for WorkPoint Express

Article published on the 20th of October, 2022.


1. Introduction

With the installation of WorkPoint Express version 6.3.0 or later, a small additional program called "File Manager" is installed along with WorkPoint Express.

File Manager is a program which handles the upload of files from your local device to your WorkPoint solution through WorkPoint Express.

Previously, when uploading many or large files through WorkPoint Express, the user interface would freeze during the upload process.

Using File Manager for file transfers, the program takes care of the upload process, which frees up the WorkPoint Express interface for users to keep working.

2. Configuration

In order to enable the File Manager program to handle file transfers to WorkPoint through WorkPoint Express, please follow these steps:

  1. In WorkPoint Express, click the "Menu" button and select "Settings".
  1. In the WorkPoint Express setting, open the "Behavior" tab.
  2. In the "General" section, check the "Use File Manager for upload" checker.
  3. Click the "Close" button.

WorkPoint Express will ask you to restart the plugin:

  1. To complete the configuration, click the "Yes" button.

Once WorkPoint Express has restarted, you should see two green status indicators in the bottom of the side panel:

Inbox - - Outlook

3. End User Guide

When uploading files using File Manager for WorkPoint Express, the File Manager program opens and displays the files set to be uploaded:

In the File Manager program, you can select each individual item and edit their properties before upload:

Upload - Set Properties

To start uploading the files, click the "OK" button:

Upload - Set Properties

While the upload is ongoing, we users are free to keep working using the WorkPoint Express plugin.

Once the upload is complete, the left-most green status indicator should blink a couple of times.

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