Browsing OneDrive from WorkPoint Express

Article published on the 20th of October, 2022.

1. Introduction

From WorkPoint Express version 6.3.0 and onward it is possible to browse your OneDrive files and folders from the WorkPoint Express interface. This is useful because it eliminates the necessity of opening a separate browser to access files in your OneDrive if you are already working in WorkPoint Express.

This article describes how to set WorkPoint Express up to display your OneDrive and how to navigate it.

2. Requirements

There are no requirements associated with the use of OneDrive in WorkPoint Express.

3. Configuration

To enable OneDrive in WorkPoint Express, follow these steps:

  1. In WorkPoint Express, click the Options menu and select "Settings".
  1. Open the "Behaviour" tab.
  2. Enable the "Show OneDrive tab" checker.
  1. In the bottom of WorkPoint Express, click the "Close" button.

At this point, WorkPoint Express needs to restart for the changes to take effect:

  1. To confirm the restart of WorkPoint Express, click the "Yes" button.
  1. After restarting WorkPoint Express, the OneDrive tab should be shown along with the other tabs in WorkPoint Express.

4. End User Guide

In this section, we will demonstrate how to browse one's OneDrive files from WorkPoint Express.

The following steps assumes that the OneDrive browse functionality is already enabled. If it is not, please follow the steps in the Configuration section of this article.

  1. To browse your OneDrive files in WorkPoint Express, open the "OneDrive" tab.

This should open the current user's OneDrive and display their files and folders:

Users can use the Search field to search for files in their OneDrive:

  1. Here the user has searched for "book1" and the search result is shown in the file list.
  2. Clicking the "Back" button takes the user back to the overview.
  1. The breadcrumb shows there the user is currently located in OneDrive. Clicking any label in the breadcrumb navigates to the selected location.
  1. Clicking the "Properties" button opens the floating Properties window. This window stays open until closed, so users can select items in OneDrive and view the properties of the files without having to open the properties window for each one.
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