WorkPoint 365 Version 3.19.0

Article published on the 15th of December, 2022.

Release date: 15th of December 2022 at approx. 19:00 CET.


  • If Teams Integration is enabled for a module, the title of the Team will now be updated if the field on the entity it is connected to is updated.
  • A new modern service account authentication method for the integration to Microsoft Teams has been added, due to the legacy method (Groupify) being increasingly outdated and may be deprecated in the future. For now, it is possible to use either the legacy- or the new modern method of authentication. The Service Account page now also displays the currently configured Service Account.
  • The standard Project Management solution template previously contained Classic UI tasks lists. These have now been updated to Modern UI task lists.
  • On the WorkPoint 365 Web API page, it is now possible to switch to different versions of the API documentation.
  • It is now possible to synchronize the following Document Set settings during Master Site synchronization: AllowedContentTypes, Shareholders, WelcomePageFields

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed various issues with throttling to make WorkPoint 365 more stable.
  • Fixed an issue where PowerApps would close on exit, but the PowerApp window would remain open.
  • Fixed an issue where API calls from WorkPoint Express logged exceptions if user was unauthorized or did not have access to the resource.
  • Fixed an issue where certain site settings were not correctly synchronized during Master Site synchronization, specifically settings in the "Advanced Settings" section.
  • Fixed an issue where Master Site synchronizations did not correctly synchronize labels on term groups.
  • Fixed an issue where the Top Panel layout would get corrupted if special characters were used in user names.
  • Fixed an issue where the Search webpart would show duplicate results if the "Fetch more results on scroll" option was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where WorkPoint wizards were unable to redirect users to sites containing special characters in their URLs.
  • Fixed an issue where enabling of translation into multiple languages on the root site caused site export to fail, which prevented users from creating new business modules utilizing sites.
  • Fixed an issue where wizard steps did not correctly read selected items.
  • Fixed an issue where created documents based on templates would fail if the number of Managed Metadata columns on the Template Library exceeded a maximum number allowed.
  • Fixed an issue where translations on view did not work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where Master Site synchronization job list would sometimes show incorrect number of site which were synchronized or set to be synchronized.
  • Fixed an issue where replacing Group and Term Owner would fail if the administrator was domain group.
  • Fixed an issue with a consent error when signing up to the WorkPoint 365 API with Delegated & Application Permissions.
  • Fixed an issue where starting a Master Site synchronization from a specific item ID did not include buffer sites.
  • Fixed an issue where the Master Site of a business module did not follow the correct structure on modules utilizing the "One site collection per entity"-site architecture.
  • Fixed an issue where translations of quick launch menu items did not work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect Dutch translation in the Create new item wizard flow.
  • Fixed an issue where loading templates on a site with a large number of libraries with many content types resulted in slow load times.
  • Fixed an issue where the "RestrictedView" option was selectable for permission level when setting up WorkPoint security rules.
  • Fixed an issue where performing data imports of new entities to a business module did not work if folder partitioning was enabled for the module.
  • Fixed an issue where there was no option for for setting a stage mapping field when performing data import.
  • Fixed an issue where data import would sometimes fail and giving a null reference exception.
  • Fixed an issue where the data import job would report no errors on completion, but resulted in no entities having been created.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate relations would be displayed when ListView threshold was exceeded and entity had relation to itself.
  • Fixed an issue where Web Jobs could sometimes be displayed as "Running" even though the job had actually failed, which could block other jobs from running.
  • Fixed an issue where site content types did not synchronize correctly on site created due to a new template not being generated.
  • Fixed various spelling and grammatical errors in WorkPoint 365 and WorkPoint Express.
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