WorkPoint Automate - Batch change stage

Article last updated on the 6th of February, 2023.

The contents of this article may be subject to change due to ongoing development of WorkPoint Automate.

The Batch change stage step is used to change the stage of multiple entities in a single action. It is typically combined with a Stage form in which a user can select a stage to transition to.

The following image shows an example process which includes the Batch change stage step:

WorkPoint Process Builder - Google Chrome

Step specific properties

Parameter name Required Type Description
Business module Yes String
Use this field to define the business module of the entity for which you want to change stage.
Entities Yes Array Use this field to define an array of entities to change the stage of. An example could be the "Items" array if the process is started from the Express panel.
Stage model ID Yes String
If the business module uses multiple stage models, this field can be used to define which stage model to change to.
Stage ID Yes String
Use this field to define the stage (content type) you want to transition to. Can e.g., take input from a Stage form step.
Sub-stage ID No String
The sub-stage you want to transition to. Also accepts term IDs.
Run the action as Yes String
Use this field to select how to run the individual change stage actions. Options are:
  • Synchronous: Each change stage job needs to be completed before the net one starts.
  • Asynchronous: Every change stage job is started simultaneously in parallel.
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