WorkPoint Express downloads

The latest version of WorkPoint Express is always available for download using the links below. Please refer to setup guides for proper installation.


Please be sure to select the correct installation file. Note that you should consider the bit-version of your Office installation - NOT your Windows installation.

See the section "Checking Office Bit-version" for more information.

WorkPoint Express 6.3.3 (Latest)

WorkPoint Express 6.3.1


WorkPoint Express 6.3.0

Download (Download not available because of a regression bug in this version)

Release note

WorkPoint Express 6.2.2

WorkPoint Express 6.2.1

WorkPoint Express 6.2.0

WorkPoint Express 6.1.1

WorkPoint Express

Scripted installation

If you want to deploy WorkPoint Express to multiple users at once see this article for more information.

Datastore version requirements:

If you are using a local installed WorkPoint Express datastore, please ensure the WorkPoint Express datastore version is updated to version 5.8.0. For more information contact your WorkPoint partner.

Check Office Bit-version

As previously mentioned, it is important to select the correct WorkPoint Express installation file. The correct file depends on the bit-version of your installed Office 365 products. Follow this guide to find out whether you have a 32-bit or a 64-bit installation of Microsoft Office.

  1. In one of your Office applications (here, Microsoft Word is used for demonstration), click the "File" menu.
  1. In the bottom of the side panel, click "Account".
  1. In the "Account" page, click "About Word". In other applications, this button will carry the name of the application instead of "Word".
  1. In the newly opened window, the first line should let you know which bit-version of Word (and Office) you have. In this case, a 32-bit version of Office is installed on the machine.

PLEASE NOTE about Microsoft Office 365 updates: WorkPoint recommends that you have your Office 365 set to the "Semi-Annual Channel". This means that Office 365 will be receiving updates twice a year. If your Office 365 is set to "Monthly Channel" some features in WorkPoint Express might not work correctly. You can read more about Office365 update channels here.

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