WorkPoint 365 Hotfixes

Article last updated on the 17th of December 2020.

This list contains hotfixes applied to WorkPoint 365 from version 2.0 onwards.

Hotfixes are not regular releases and are only applied when there is a need for fixing a problem that cannot wait for a scheduled release.

Hotfixes are applied when necessary and should be invisible for users, i.e. not create any disturbance or system downtime.

WorkPoint 365 3.8.2

Release date: 17th of December 2020 at approx. 19:00 CET.

Be advised that bug fixes related to the user interface require an update of Modern UI. You can read more about how to update Modern UI here.


  • Express Saved Searches have been migrated into Result Groups
  • An option to hide the "Everything" search scope has been added to the Advanced Search webpart
  • In the Create Entity wizard dropdowns where there is only one option is now set as read-only.
  • The automatically generated e-mail sent out if a WorkPoint build fails now includes a link to the event log
  • Added support for master site synchronization of field description resources

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where iOS and MacOSX redirects sent users to SharePoint front page instead of a specific site.
  • Fixed a System.NullReferenceException in BmEntity Reload
  • Fixed an issue where the message "WorkPoint web parts can only be used on WorkPoint Sites" would sometimes show on navigation
  • Fixed an issue where Modern UI sometimes crashed when clicking the home button from an entity site with favorite button
  • Fixed an issue with List View threshold when running site maintenance
  • Fixed an issue with the Relations webpart which didn't show managed metadata
  • Fixed an issue where the "Clear filters" option in Express Panel was missing
  • Fixed an issue when opening Excel and PowerPoint files from the Express Panel which were opened in Read Only mode
  • Fixed an issue with master site synchronization where list items sometimes failed to synchronize
  • Fixed an issue where security replication for single site list items didn't handle rules with ItemAuthor as IdentitySource
  • Changed Substage label in wizards to "Substage"
  • Fixed an issue where term owner  was not reset in all term levels on Site Collection Synchronization/Provisioning
  • Fixed an issue where TabView settings were cached in wrong format
  • Fixed a server error when trying to edit stages
  • Fixed an issue with Action Management trigger conditions for Entity Site Creation trigger
  • Fixed an issue where Buffer Site Collections were not created
  • Fixed an issue with Aggregation Field result which showed Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.FieldUserValue[]
  • Fixed an issue making users unable to edit entity with many users in People fields
  • Fixed an issue where wizards did not notify the user if invalid data was entered into a field (e.g. text into a number field)
  • Fixed an issue with updating buffer site items (null reference exception)
  • Fixed an issue with getting tenant id in WebJob dispatcher
  • Fixed an issue with update of Document Template Url in Site Replicator
  • Fixed an error when running site maintenance with items with the same key
  • Fixed an issue where unreleased features were visible in the WorkPoint Administration
  • Fixed an issue where Multi-value fields didn't work in templates
  • Fixed an issue where Site Maintenance didn't find any sites
  • Fixed an issue with keyboard navigation in the Express Panel
  • Fixed an issue where the Breadcrumb didn't trim long entity titles
  • Fixed an issue where Wizards failed if the user on entity metadata didn't exists in the Azure AD (loginName is missing)
  • Fixed an issue where previously set Stage Model Mapping Field could not be deleted because it was set as Read Only.
  • Fixed an issue with synchronizing Quick Launch menu via Master Site Synchronization
  • Fixed an issue with wrongly set permission order when using SharePoint group rules
  • Fixed various translation issues for the Relations webpart
  • Fixed an issue with synchronization of content type when content types is disabled in a list
  • Fixed an Action Management Add Trigger button error
  • Fixed a wrong translation into Dutch in Create Entity wizard
  • Fixed an issue where Wizards did not respect multi-line text fields' append type
  • Fixed various text and translation errors into Dutch
  • Fixed an issue where additional lookup fields were selectable for inherit to child module
  • Fixed a UI color issue on stage view/tabbed view in classic UI
  • Fixed an issue where the refiner button would sometimes disappear when viewed on mobile devices
  • Fixed an issue with the Entity Details panel where too many characters made the field overflow
  • Fixed an issue with the aggregation log where aggregation could run with errors, but in the end would write "Completed"
  • Fixed an issue with the Task Overview webpart where buttons were available when "Filter panel only" was chosen
  • Fixed an issue with the Relations webpart where the "Show relations in grouped list" function failed
  • Fixed an issue where opening Security settings on business modules with Projects template resulted in "Server Error in '/' Application"
  • Fixed an issue with Multiple stage models where the delete button would appear for the default model
  • Fixed an issue with stage graphics
  • Fixed an issue with the Relation web part which would load indefinitely
  • Fixed an issue with Multiple stage models where the Mapping Field Value field would show the Managed Metadata Picker

WorkPoint 365

Release date: 3rd of December 2020.

Be advised that bug fixes related to the user interface require an update of Modern UI. You can read more about how to update Modern UI here.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where  an error would be thrown if the user tried to change stage from one sub-stage to another
  • Fixed a bug where 3.8.1 update didn't convert Action Management stage change triggers
  • Fixed a bug where the Relation wizard uses parent entity as source relation on a recursive business module
  • Fixed a bug where iOS and MacOSX would redirect to SharePoint front page instead of a specific site
  • Fixed a bug with rendering of stages in Classic UI after update to version 3.8.1
  • Fixed a big with provisioning of standard solutions

WorkPoint 365 3.7.5

Release date: 22nd of October 2020.

Be advised that improvements and bug fixes related to the user interface require an update of Modern UI. You can read more about how to update Modern UI here.


  • Links in the breadcrumb for business module lists with parent filter now uses Lookup id value instead of title.
  • The List View webpart now supports Lookup links. Lookup columns now display a link to the entities they point to.
  • Editing items from the List View webpart now returns the user to the webpart location.
  • Introduced the ability to show summary/totals on views in List View webpart. Adding a total counter to a list will now also display the total counter on List View webparts showing that list.
  • Added a missing edit button in the List View webpart. The "Edit (Link to edit item)" column can now be added to the library view to show in the List View webpart. From this button, the item can be edited.
  • Document/item creator can now be targeted for security rules with advanced security. This means that when setting up security rules for the "Document/Item scope", using the Dynamic rule type, you can now target the document/item author.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with scroll and preview in express panel on mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue with title field case sensitivity when replicating sites.
  • Fixed an issue with entity breadcrumb site pages link.
  • Fixed an issue with a mismatch between pricelist and license portal.
  • Fixed an issue with site collection synchronization: Option to allow removal of Site Collection Administrators.
  • Fixed an issue with the Combine files to pdf wizard, which failed on large document libraries.
  • Fixed an issue with the Upload document My Tools Button which did not work i Modern UI.
  • Fixed an issue which duplicated the header of the List View webpart when loading.
  • Fixed a Socket exception when communicating with SharePoint.
  • Fixed an issue with the Entity Creation Wizard with unique values for e.g. title.
  • Fixed an issue with Teams channels which were not synchronized.
  • Fixed an error when creating site collections from the API.
  • Fixed an issue with the List View WebPart which failed to group on Managed Metadata fields.
  • Fixed an error when navigating to the next page in classic TabView WebPart.
  • Fixed an issue with the List View WebPart, which did not support filtering on Lookup id.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented provisioning of project solutions without granting tenant permissions.
  • Fixed an issue with links in the MyTools panel when navigating from another entity site.
  • Fixed an issue with provisioning which failed when DenyAddAndCustomizePages was enabled.
  • Updated Aspose.Cells in WorkPoint365.
  • Fixed an issue with term search on labels in wizard, which highlighted the wrong match.

WorkPoint 365 3.7.4

Release date: 17th of September 2020 at approx. 19:00 CET.

Be advised that improvements and bug fixes related to the user interface require an update of Modern UI. You can read more about how to update Modern UI here.

Highlighted improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with wizards loading folders

In wizards, if a document library had more than  5000+ items, folders could not be loaded. This issue has now been fixed

  • Added a "Disable trial" option in sign up wizard

Before, WorkPoint could be installed without a license key by inputting information into the installation wizard manually. This is no longer the case – you now have to contact WorkPoint for a license key for your solution.

  • Fixed the filtering for the default Document Search search setting 

The default Document Search search setting returned unwanted items, such as items with file extension .aspx. These items are now filtered out and no longer returned. The default Document Search search setting also no longer returns results from the Template Library or from the root site collection of the solution.

  • Fixed an issue with the Journal WebPart, which only filtered elements visible in the WebPart.

This issue resulted in the Journal WebPart filtering options only taking into account the results which were currently being displayed in the WebPart. If 5 items were shown, and none of them were of type .docx, users could not filter items in the Journal WebPart by filetype .docx. 

This issue is now resolved.

  • Added an option to synchronize list filters fro Master Site to other entities

List filters (e.g. filter options for the document list on a Master Site) can now be synchronized to other entities on the same business module.

  • Fixed an issue with installation of standard solutions, which did not set Site Architecture correctly when Teams integration was selected

This issue manifested when during installation of standard solutions through the installation wizard, users selected the One-site-collection-per-entity option with Teams Integration architecture for a business module. Site Architecture would not be set correctly. This issue is now resolved.

  • Improved Site Collection Maintenance to be able create more than one site collection per module (multi-site modules)

An issue manifested when the maximum number of sites per site collection was set to e.g. 100, but e.g. 200-300 sites were created a day. This could cause issues with e.g. data migration. Administrators are now able to define a number of buffer site collection to be available per module. The default value is 1, and the available buffer site collections can be set between 1 and 10.

  • Fixed an issue where buttons in the Express panel within Teams did not work (Open/Search in/Edit Properties buttons)

When viewing WorkPoint entity options in Microsoft Teams, the buttons for opening the entity and editing the properties of the entity did not work. This issue is now resolved. 

  • Fixed Master Site Synchronization, which did not support "+" in folder names in document libraries

This issue manifested when trying to synchronize folders which parents had the "+" symbol in their names. For example, the folder "Documents + Contracts" would be able to be synchronized, but eventual sub-folders would cause errors, because their parent had the "+" symbol in its name. This issue is now resolved.

  • Improved the select/deselect all button in the Advanced document wizard

A checker has been added in the Advanced Document wizard which toggles between enabling and disabling all templates in a template set. Furthermore, it is now possible to set a default value for the enabled state of templates in template sets as a parameter in the Advanced Document wizard configuration settings.


  • It is now possible in the Term Picker to search for terms based additional labels, such as term alias.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the Express Panel entity search from WorkPoint Express which did not respect selected result group
  • Fixed an issue with creation of Document sets where templates added from the "Add" button could not be mail merged
  • Fixed an icon for the last step in the App Provisioning Wizards checklist which did not change when completed
  • Fixed the "Add" button in the Advanced Document wizard which did not work intentionally
  • Fixed an issue with the "Read only"-option in the old Document Wizard, which did not work intentionally
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to provision solution on non-English Term Store
  • Fixed an error in the Wizard Controller
  • Fixed an issue where the Web Job dispatcher table was not always cleared correctly
  • Fixed translation options in the Express panel
  • Fixed an error with WorkPoint 365 breadcrumb items where certain arrows had no function
  • Fixed an issue such that the "add more" buttons in the License Information page in the WorkPoint Administration now links to order request form
  • Fixed the Combine files to pdf wizard in which the list view limitation was exceeded at call to wizard.selecteddocuments
  • Fixed an issue with synchronization of custom SharePoint Groups where if site name was part of the group name, the group name would be substituted with a sitename token.
  • Fixed an issue with Folder picker which now sorts folders alphabetically
  • Fixed an issue with Express Panel entity search which failed on business module lists with additional lookup field(s)
  • Fixed an issue with the Express Panel which did not load in Classic UI
  • Fixed an issue with Site Collection Synchronization which would throw an error 400 if the request was very large
  • Fixed an issue where Sharing Security Rule UI needed an update and more documentation
  • Fixed an issue with My Tools Link buttons which did not open links in new windows if link was to a SharePoint site in Modern UI
  • Fixed an issue with the Search WebPart in Modern UI which failed to search if no Date field was added to columns shown

WorkPoint 365 3.7.3

Release date: 20th of August 2020.

Be advised that improvements and bug fixes related to the user interface require an update of Modern UI. You can read more about how to update Modern UI here.


  • Added a "View all" link on List View webparts, which takes the user to the full list

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with sending Product Suggestion requests from support request form
  • Fixed an issue with sending Order License requests from support request form
  • Fixed an issue with saving term filter managed property on search settings page
  • Fixed an issue with the "All" result group which didn't search in all business modules from Express Panel
  • Fixed an issue with super users not having access to roles in the WorkPoint Administration
  • Fixed an issue with Combine file(s) in PDF which didn't include merged field data from Excel files
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to see all info in Modern UI Advanced Search Webpart entity preview on some mobile devices
  • Fixed an issue with the category labels which were not properly displayed on some mobile devices when previewing documents in Modern UI Advanced Search webpart
  • Fixed an issue with the Dynamic Site Creation log which not always scoped to selected business module
  • Fixed an issue with special characters in filtered fields on List View Webpart
  • Fixed an issue where an Exception was thrown when concatenating large fields in Copy Documents Wizard
  • Fixed an issue with Master Site Sync which didn't synchronize selected term location (level) If it was on the SiteCollection Term
  • Fixed an issue with the Express Panel which failed if ItemLocation for a document was not referencing a valid business module
  • Fixed an issue with Task list and Task webpart titles which didn't match
  • Fixed an issue with links to documents in Modern UI Journal Webpart
  • Fixed an issue with Events which were not shown in Modern UI Journal Webpart
  • Fixed an issue with scroll and paging in Modern UI Search Webpart
  • Fixed an issue with Links in pdf index which referenced the wrong page in merged pdf document
  • Fixed an issue with moving WorkPoint Express licenses in PartnerPortal, which didn't update settings in WPEDatastore
  • Fixed an issue with required fields in change stage wizard
  • Fixed an issue with All Access requests settings which were not synchronized correctly
  • Fixed an issue with Entity Updated Trigger which didn't execute Notify Webhooks actions
  • Fixed an error when refreshing cached limited users from WorkPoint 365 WebAPI
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect folder structure when merging subfolders to zip files in Copy Documents Wizard
  • Fixed an issue with aggregate relations which were not correct when source and taget relation has the same item id in SharePoint
  • Fixed an issue with Modern UI Express Panel which sometimes crashed if itemlocation for found document was not valid
  • Fixed an issue with creating OneSites for entites through WorkPoint 365 WebAPI
  • Fixed an issue with Modern UI Search WebPart which didn't exclude DateTime fields from Search Query
  • Fixed an issue with Site Collection synchronization which failed if source site had spacing in URL and exports custom files
  • Fixed an issue with Modern UI Journal Webpart which spun without loading content
  • Fixed an issue with Classic TabView Webpart which failed if view had an attachment field
  • Fixed an error when creating large Zip files in Copy Documents Wizard
  • Fixed an issue with pdf conversion of large files in Copy Documents Wizard which didn't set landscope correctly on output file
  • Fixed an issue with Modern UI Express Panel Search which now uses SPSiteUrl instead of sitename alias
  • Fixed an issue with Duplicate Check Wizard which would sometimes fail
  • Fixed an issue with Site Collection Synchronization which did not update taxonomy fields
  • Fixed an issue with Hide Content Type selector in Document Wizard if only one content type was available
  • Fixed an issue with opening file in classic Journal WebPart and Modern UI List view webpart which downloaded a copy of the file
  • Fixed an issue with stage order which didn't change content type order on business module
  • Fixed an issue with time in WorkPoint Administration which was not local time but always UTC
  • Fixed an issue with Teams URL in Modern UI Express Panel which was not click-able
  • Fixed an issue with synchronization of existing Managed Metadata column which sometimes failed
  • Fixed an issue with Group by stage in Modern UI List View WebPart which now orders stages chronologically
  • Fixed an issue with Master site synchronization which would sometimes fail with the message "request message is too big" when loading field resources on master site lists
  • Fixed an issue with Master Site Synchronization for business modules with One Entity per Site Collection architecture which wouls sometimes fail if ChangeToken had expired
  • Fixed an issue with missing option to move JSLink from business module in Modern UI
  • Fixed an issue with Modern UI Entity Details row which would blank on selection
  • Fixed an issue with Modern UI Entity Details which hid columns when many fields were displayed in the panel
  • Fixed an issue with link in Modern UI List View webpart which was incorrect when Webpart was filtered by a lookup field
  • Fixed an issue with bucket site collections which got marked for deletion if module had been changed to One Entity per Site Collection behind the system
  • Fixed an issue with retrieval of relations for entities which failed if related entities were located in a large list

WorkPoint 365 3.7.2

Release date: 16th of June 2020.

Be advised that improvements and bug fixes related to the user interface require an update of Modern UI. You can read more about how to update Modern UI here.


  • Improved Power platform connector
  • Improved support for signed document in Base64 string
  • Improved WorkPoint version on event log error entries
  • Improved rendering of Lookup fields in List View webpart
  • Improved List View webpart to redirect to library with filter settings on List View title click
  • Improved rendering of multi line text in List View webpart
  • Improved feature scope on site collection level to master site settings and sync

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the placement of "Saved search"
  • Fixed preview buttons which were not fully displayed on mobile devices (tablet)
  • Fixed the exception: "The object has been updated by another user since it was last fetched."
  • "Link Title" has been removed from the Grouping section when editing the WP365 - List View webpart
  • Fixed an issue where Site Collection Maintenance Job log showed title while running, but went blank when complete
  • Fixed an issue with synchronization of existing read only content types failing
  • Fixed an issue where the WP365 List View webpart would not show  an error if dependencies could not be loaded
  • Fixed an issue where site title was not set for all supported ui languages on site creation from buffer site
  • Fixed an issue where Master site synchronization did not synchronize toolbar settings for Classic UI List View webpart
  • Fixed an issue with using inherited fields in numerator fields
  • Fixed an issue  with Modern UI navigation menu which was not visible on entity sites when using a mobile browser
  • Fixed an issue with site collection provisioning jobs which could run on same site collection url
  • Fixed an issue where it was longer possible to see active users count
  • Fixed an issue with "Send to" and wrong modified time in index
  • Fixed an issue in WorkPoint Express: When creating PDF/ZIP files, the load bar in the wizard did not progress, but the job was executed.

WorkPoint 365 3.7.1

Release date: 26th of May 2020.


  • Improved stage settings to include more data from content types
  • Improved option to synchronize the Document Library 'New Document' Menu
  • Improved Site collection maintenance to check delete site collections for any change in status
  • Improved option to cancel pending jobs
  • Improved the user experience when launching actions from the 'Send to...' button
  • Improved bucket site collections to now use technical name
  • Improved caching strategy to use 'In memory' caching for some static values like tenant id
  • Improved sending mails from WorkPoint with SendGrid as provider
  • Improved placement of preview in Advanced Search Webpart
  • Improved Advanced Search Webpart to trim duplicate results
  • Improved refiner panel in narrow view in Advanced Search
  • Improved alternate line colors in partner portal
  • Improved create/update entity wizard to use date functions as default date value

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed difference between the titles of Sharing Settings with the one used in SharePoint
  • Fixed a message shown if access denied in relation webpart
  • Fixed an issue with Signup wizard. Now checks licensed production solutions when using license key
  • Fixed audience targeting not set on one-site
  • Fixed document copying through wizard which gave "A file with the name Documents/Change Management Policy.docx already exists." if copied to the same folder.
  • Fixed an error in security settings where Limitation field was displayed by internal name
  • Fixed an issue where rating settings was not set by master site synchronization
  • Fixed a wrong status in log with dataimport
  • Fixed an issue where Multi site site collection setting on module triggered too many sites collections being created
  • Fixed an issue with date format i Modern UI Search webpart
  • Fixed an issue with the Relation web part where it collapsed groups when deleting relation
  • Fixed an issue with check on permission level name in site collection sync, which was case sensitive
  • Fixed an issue with the Zip index file. Now uses the regional setings in SharePoint to display modified date for files
  • Fixed the translation of command sets
  • Fixed an error in mail merge sending mail using action
  • Fixed a mismatch between pricelist and license portal
  • Fixed a null reference exception error on Associated Member Group in security replication
  • Fixed an issue with MyTools Modern UI Customized action not working in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed an issue with Mail Merge where it changed document when doing mail merge
  • Fixed issue merging document with both vertical and horizontal orientation in Merge to PDF
  • Fixed an issue with file merged as PDF or Zip not triggering aggregation or getting a document id
  • Fixed an issue with 'ÆØÅ' in index with ZIP generation
  • Fixed an issue with people picker in wizards. Now uses debounce searching to avoid too many requests to backend

WorkPoint 365 3.6.6

Release date: 23th of April 2020.

Note that due to an error, the version number shown for this update in the system is 3.6.5. This is wrong. If your system shows 3.6.5 as version number, you are up to date. If your solution is using it, you should update Modern UI as well.


  • Modern UI stage band should only display valid stages
  • Compact view for Modern UI stage band

Bug fixes:

  • Performance issue with large term sets in managed metadata field for wizard
  • Limit on 40 chars in word template mail merge setup
  • Issue in Security replication when 2 users have the same name
  • Site Collection synchronization fails if default associated groups for owners, members or visitor is not set on root site collection

WorkPoint 365 3.6.5

Release date: 23rd of March 2020.

Bug fixes:

  • Cannot change sites enabled for business module on classic solutions
  • OneSite Business Module creation often fails
  • Issue with Site Collection sync for SharePoint groups with site title in name
  • Lookup choices must be sorted by Title in wizard
  • Group#64 web templates is not available in Discover settings
  • Wizard search fails when searching on additional lookup field
  • Exclude fields from content type hub in site collection provisioning
  • Content type hub is found by discover
  • Issue when provisioning master site on management system solution template
  • Teams Sync - SharePoint Tabs is connected to master site, and not to entity site.

WorkPoint 365 3.6.4

Release date: 12th of March 2020.

New additions post-deployment due to errors.

Bug fixes:

  • Mobile Browser View feature is not disabled on new Master Site for One Site Business module
  • Issue with WorkPoint 365 Store app wizard
  • Wizard validation message for user field must be displayed next to field
  • Buffer Sites Settings Page is missing refresh
  • EMM Audit Log Search filter not working on dates
  • Site creation job doesn't always retry site creation if failed once
  • Issue with configuration of aggregation with type Count
  • Scheduled Jobs can save a 0 interval if you enter an invalid number (1,5)
  • Issue with illegal characters in Entity details modern ui web part
  • Site collection sync of taxonomy fields doesn't tokenize term anchor id for field
  • Run now button does not work with EMM scheduled jobs
  • Replication of Content types field links doesn't work if fieldname is not the internal name of the field
  • Column default value doesn't on sites with whitespace in Url
  • WebAPI Sign up throws error "No Auth State"
  • Error when adding addtional documents from search in advanced Document Wizard
  • Deleted site collections are not excluded from total site collection count
  • Wizard permissions doesn't work for AD group nested in a SharePoint
  • Aggregation not running after manual trigger of Item Creation Action
  • WorkPoint list view web part entity filtering doesn't work on views with no query
  • Issue with IsAlive check for running webjobs
  • Site Collection Creation can fail when root is classic team site and solution is modern
  • Create/Edit Word template fails for business modules with a field title greater than 64 characters
  • Site Maintenance can throw page timeout
  • WorkPoint 365 Express panel and wizards doesn't work in Classic UI on iOS device
  • Display site icon when using additional lookups in WorkPoint List View Web Part
  • WorkPoint 365 classic tab downloads two msg files when opened
  • Web application no longer returns cookies without SameSite attribute

WorkPoint 365 3.6.3

Release date: 24th of January 2020.

Bug fixes:

  • The button 'run job' on aggregations does not follow the rest of the admin ui
  • Set default release type when creation new customer in partner portal
  • Wrong error message in browser console when no business module settings is found
  • When Create Field is chosen as Target field in Add Aggregation, the field created is wrong
  • Error when creating site collection creation jobs from site collection admin portal
  • Check existing RelationTypes/RelationPairs on provisioning of new standard solution
  • Allow Full Security Replication to run simultaneously on different business modules
  • Master site on One Site module has wrong welcome page
  • Issue with message size in Storage Queue
  • Spelling errors in app provisiong wizard text
  • Aggregation is not running when item is deleted on Task list
  • Issue with Office 365 Group security rule when user is from parent module
  • Document libraries in wizards are not translated
  • Special characters in entity title names are not rendered correctly in lookup fields in wizard
  • Error when changing site settings on a business module
  • Standard value is not set for boolean fields in wizards
  • Stage change wizard redirects to site
  • Loading site collection term sets fails on multi site collection
  • Template Library Edit Link only work if if Title has a value
  • Template Library Edit Link is not working in Edge browser
  • Frequency are not set correctly on edit of scheduled job
  • Can't edit Notify actions
  • Different issues with the Modern UI Search Web Part
  • Listview Webpart shows too many results if a entity field have no value
  • Missing Translations for Taxonomy- and People pickers
  • Wizard controls fails when Cloud app security is enabled
  • Issue with inheritance of parent field to child module
  • Create Entity from email wizard fails on EMM archiving
  • Inheritance fails when creating fields on entity site list
  • Problem with synchronizing content type translations accross site collections
  • WorkPoint Search webpart fails to render date properties
  • Terms and termset in Taxonomy picker is not displayed in user language
  • Min/max value for number fields in entity wizard is not working
  • The WorkPoint search webpart trim dublicates

WorkPoint 365 3.6.2

Bug fixes:

  • Issue with site collection creation if owner is company administraton
  • Issue with required metadata on Create/Update entity wizard when changing content type
  • Issue with provisioning af classic templates
  • Site creation fails if you have the notebook feature activated and are using buffer sites and are having special characters in the entity title
  • Static security rules not working when using SharePoint groups
  • Timeout errors on Redis
  • Inheritance does not include the WP parent field
  • ItemUpdating is not triggering security update when using external users
  • "Browse folders" in the new document wizard is slow

WorkPoint 365 3.5.3

Bug fixes:

  • Adding users to Office365 group only gets the first 100 users from Azure AD
  • Document Number Not working when copy between libraries on the same site
  • Nintex Workflows are not deleted

WorkPoint 365 3.5.2

Bug fixes:

  • When creating documents with mail merge from the document wizard the author of the document was set to the SharePoint App
  • Express Panel Performance Issues addressed
  • Issue with provisioning of taxonomy fields on newly created Modern Site Collections addressed
  • Wizards fails when no license

WorkPoint 365 3.5.1

Bug fixes:

  • BM child inheritance is adding fields to not only select child modules
  • Web job Dispatcher - Missing Job title for SiteCreationJob
  • Risk webpart can not open risks if the risks have empty values in person fields
  • WorkPoint jobs gets stuck, but status remains set to running
  • Jobs gets started, but never gets completed
  • Dispatcher does not save change on jobs
  • Site field opens link in new tab
  • Aggregation fails when saving empty aggregation result for date fields
  • Security replication with parent fields fails if parent is set to DoNotInherit
  • Site collection sync fails when ensuring group owner
  • Folder is not set when document wizard is opened from WorkPoint Express
  • Forcing default value on copy does'nt work for checked out documents
  • Security replication job not queued on site creation if entity security mode is set to manual
  • Field value changed check for users fields is not always working
  • Unable to select existing aggregation field when modifying an aggregation
  • Can't cancel a job in web job dispatcher settings
  • Project Template is missing task list

WorkPoint 365 3.3.2


  • New modes/scopes for disclaimer settings
  • Caching of disclaimer users
  • Improve logging on creating of Office 365 group and on applying Office 365 group security rules.
  • Improve error handling in scheduled Penneo Digital Signature job

Bug fixes:

  • Ensure Limitaion field value check on documents/Items security rules isn’t case sensitive
  • Ensure SP2010 workflows always runs with user context on stage change even though "Workflows can use app permissions" feature is active (#22232)
  • Fix issue with creation of calculated fields on site collection provisioning and synchronization
  • Fix issue with “Edit Relation” link in TabView webpart for Classic UI (#22213)
  • Fix issue where Title field was not inherited when Items/Documents was created from an Item Creation Action (#22225)
  • Hide existing service user password when editing Audit log settings or Service User settings (#22111)
  • Change stage after entity metadata is set set to avoid conflicts with workflow trigger (#22102)
  • Fix issue where the Security Settings People picker wasn’t populated with existing values when editing a Security rule
  • Fix issue with Export/import of solutions containing a Stage Content type with a Managed Metadata field
  • Fix issue where the Action job didn’t respect the order of actions in the action trigger (#10255)
  • Fix issue where Yes/No field was always true when editing a Security Activation Condition (#22188)
  • Ensure default entity permissions is set to entity creator on site creation (#22186)
  • Suspend Site Collections on Site Collection maintenance if site collection is deleted or unavailable on tenant
  • Fix issue when loading Government Archive settings page (#21815)
  • Fix timeout issue when running site maintenance on large site collections (#21866)
  • Handle issue for certain fields when comparison of Before- and AfterProperties I event receivers
  • Fix localization issue of Change Stage Wizard (#22046)
  • Handle favorites with no parent when adding new favorites (#22028)
  • Update Site collection behavior recommendations for business modules.

WorkPoint 365 3.2.3


  • Possible to select multiple business modules for a result group in search settings
  • Business module security trimming in wizards and express panel
  • Added option to disable WorkPoint event receivers for service accounts
  • Added option to disable WorkPoint event receivers for the SharePoint System Account (SHAREPOINT\\system)


  • Fixes regarding "Keep Document Number on Move" in numerator service.
  • Include documents from subfolders when inserting tables in document templates
  • Ensured that business modules settings are always cached with app permissions and added security trimming when necessary
  • Handle Limited Users seeing Edit functionalities that should be hidden.
  • Exclude invalid fields from Repost page content type in solution export
  • Handle list view threshold is exceeded when searching for entities in wizards
  • Fix issue with PeoplePicker control
  • Ensure content type search field always uses equal when searching for entities in wizard
  • Fixed wizard resizing issue in Modern UI

WorkPoint 365


  • Option to disable Event Receivers for specified service accounts in migration scenarios.


  • Fix minor issues on EMM Smart Journalization and EMM Shared Access settings pages.
  • Stop favourite sorting from navigating to favourite being sorted in WorkPoint Express Panel.
  • Added support for selection mode (People Only/Users and Groups) on user fields in wizard people picker.
  • Fix issue with keeping document number when using SharePoint Modern UI built-in move function multiple times on the same document.
  • Ensure OneNote documents get document id from Numerator service.

WorkPoint 365 3.2.1


  • New solution provisioning template
  • Possibility to create a blank WorkPoint solution in Modern UI without Business Modules.


  • Fix Action Management support for item creation in Picture Library
  • Fix issue with new items webpart when updating business module settings
  • Fix issue with Numbering Service "Keep document number on move"
  • Fix issue when adding Tilte as inheritance field with default value
  • Fix issue when loading EMM sync config page when there is no sync list infos defined in the configuration
  • Fix issue with missing icons for some jquery ui controls on administration pages
  • Ensure tagging field is set correctly in Business Module site list event receiver (i.e. has been promoted from Office Documents)
  • Set ReadOnly in SchemaXML for Doucment Id field.
  • Improved support for custom permission levels
  • Updates to EMM Smart Journalization and EMM Shared Access settings page UI update
  • Improve reliability and stability of WorkPoint settings cache
  • AuditLog Stability Improvements
  • AuditLog - Prevent that 2 jobs runs at the same time

Modern UI Bugfixes:

  • EMM Web part: Solve pagination issues
  • EMM Web part: Use 'JournalizeDate' over 'OrigDate' when available
  • EMM Web part: Solve sorting issue

WorkPoint 3.1.1. 

  • Fix bug where master site sync always replicates items if no item creation actions are active. even if the scope is not selected in the sync configuration.
  • Fix to Nintex Workflows
  • Check entity permissions before letting user see "Create site" and "Site management" buttons in List view and DisplayForm.
  • Export ComposedLook handler to ensure theme is set on new one site sitcollections.
  • Ensure we don't get listitem in site event receiver if it's checked out.
  • New security settings for site collection sync
  • Exclude lists from selectable document libraries in wizards.
  • Ensure license check is ignoring case on useremail
  • Changes to audit logging
  • Fix issue with wrong context when ensuring item location on ItemAdded bm site event receiver.
  • Change batch size for list item load and fix error on retry logic when updating inheritance fields to aviod timeouts.
  • Ensure duplicate content type fieldlinks can't be added.
  • Fix issue when adding favorite as a user with only read permission to the Favorite list

New solutions are now provisioned with app5  

Fixed issue with Site Creation from web api
Prefixed Current User Mapping fields with CurrentUser_
Fixed wrong resources in apply branding
Avoid logging app@sharepoint as active user

WorkPoint 365

Add hidden method in update controller to ensure itemlocation i property bag for all entity webs
Added support for current user item mail merge
Add hidden method in update controller to ensure workpoint base fields

Ensure child tabview gets created with correct title localization
Ensure we use title resources for child bm as tab view title resoruces when creating new tab
Fix content type replication issues with enterprise keyword fields
Exclude hidden enterprise keyword field (TaxKeywordTaxHTField) from content type fieldlink replication
Fix issue with deletion of all buffer sites
Error in template Project Management Modern UI provisioning template
Set clientcontext request timeout to infinte when exporting/applying provisioning template
Ensure the app product id is stored in settings list on provisioning
Ensure workpoint failed email is sent if db operation fails on solution provisioning
Removed duplicate field from case managment template
Add null check for business module when getting webs to be deleted

WorkPoint 365

Support for additional production apps to avoid throttling issues.

WorkPoint 365

Fixed issue with editing excel templates with no major version.
Fixed missing link to joblog for scheduled dynamic site creator.
Ensure lookup fieldlinks are removed from content types when exporting a solution.
Show left hand navigation on pages with managed navigation.
Fixed issue with managed metadata fields when creating/updating items using the Web API.

WorkPoint 365

Fixed issue where new document id was not generated by the numerator service when copying an office document.

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