WorkPoint 365 Hotfixes

This list contains hotfixes applied to WorkPoint 365 from version 2.0.

Hotfixes are not regular releases and are only applied when there is a need for fixing a problem that cannot wait for a scheduled release.

Hotfixes are applied when necessary and should be invisible for users, i.e. not create any disturbance or system downtime.

WorkPoint 365 3.5.1

Bug fixes:

  • BM child inheritance is adding fields to not only select child modules
  • Web job Dispatcher - Missing Job title for SiteCreationJob
  • Risk webpart can not open risks if the risks have empty values in person fields
  • WorkPoint jobs gets stuck, but status remains set to running
  • Jobs gets started, but never gets completed
  • Dispatcher does not save change on jobs
  • Site field opens link in new tab
  • Aggregation fails when saving empty aggregation result for date fields
  • Security replication with parent fields fails if parent is set to DoNotInherit
  • Site collection sync fails when ensuring group owner
  • Folder is not set when document wizard is opened from WorkPoint Express
  • Forcing default value on copy does'nt work for checked out documents
  • Security replication job not queued on site creation if entity security mode is set to manual
  • Field value changed check for users fields is not always working
  • Unable to select existing aggregation field when modifying an aggregation
  • Can't cancel a job in web job dispatcher settings
  • Project Template is missing task list

WorkPoint 365 3.3.2


  • New modes/scopes for disclaimer settings
  • Caching of disclaimer users
  • Improve logging on creating of Office 365 group and on applying Office 365 group security rules.
  • Improve error handling in scheduled Penneo Digital Signature job

Bug fixes:

  • Ensure Limitaion field value check on documents/Items security rules isn’t case sensitive
  • Ensure SP2010 workflows always runs with user context on stage change even though "Workflows can use app permissions" feature is active (#22232)
  • Fix issue with creation of calculated fields on site collection provisioning and synchronization
  • Fix issue with “Edit Relation” link in TabView webpart for Classic UI (#22213)
  • Fix issue where Title field was not inherited when Items/Documents was created from an Item Creation Action (#22225)
  • Hide existing service user password when editing Audit log settings or Service User settings (#22111)
  • Change stage after entity metadata is set set to avoid conflicts with workflow trigger (#22102)
  • Fix issue where the Security Settings People picker wasn’t populated with existing values when editing a Security rule
  • Fix issue with Export/import of solutions containing a Stage Content type with a Managed Metadata field
  • Fix issue where the Action job didn’t respect the order of actions in the action trigger (#10255)
  • Fix issue where Yes/No field was always true when editing a Security Activation Condition (#22188)
  • Ensure default entity permissions is set to entity creator on site creation (#22186)
  • Suspend Site Collections on Site Collection maintenance if site collection is deleted or unavailable on tenant
  • Fix issue when loading Government Archive settings page (#21815)
  • Fix timeout issue when running site maintenance on large site collections (#21866)
  • Handle issue for certain fields when comparison of Before- and AfterProperties I event receivers
  • Fix localization issue of Change Stage Wizard (#22046)
  • Handle favorites with no parent when adding new favorites (#22028)
  • Update Site collection behavior recommendations for business modules.

WorkPoint 365 3.2.3


  • Possible to select multiple business modules for a result group in search settings
  • Business module security trimming in wizards and express panel
  • Added option to disable WorkPoint event receivers for service accounts
  • Added option to disable WorkPoint event receivers for the SharePoint System Account (SHAREPOINT\\system)


  • Fixes regarding "Keep Document Number on Move" in numerator service.
  • Include documents from subfolders when inserting tables in document templates
  • Ensured that business modules settings are always cached with app permissions and added security trimming when necessary
  • Handle Limited Users seeing Edit functionalities that should be hidden.
  • Exclude invalid fields from Repost page content type in solution export
  • Handle list view threshold is exceeded when searching for entities in wizards
  • Fix issue with PeoplePicker control
  • Ensure content type search field always uses equal when searching for entities in wizard
  • Fixed wizard resizing issue in Modern UI

WorkPoint 365


  • Option to disable Event Receivers for specified service accounts in migration scenarios.


  • Fix minor issues on EMM Smart Journalization and EMM Shared Access settings pages.
  • Stop favourite sorting from navigating to favourite being sorted in WorkPoint Express Panel.
  • Added support for selection mode (People Only/Users and Groups) on user fields in wizard people picker.
  • Fix issue with keeping document number when using SharePoint Modern UI built-in move function multiple times on the same document.
  • Ensure OneNote documents get document id from Numerator service.

WorkPoint 365 3.2.1


  • New solution provisioning template
  • Possibility to create a blank WorkPoint solution in Modern UI without Business Modules.


  • Fix Action Management support for item creation in Picture Library
  • Fix issue with new items webpart when updating business module settings
  • Fix issue with Numbering Service "Keep document number on move"
  • Fix issue when adding Tilte as inheritance field with default value
  • Fix issue when loading EMM sync config page when there is no sync list infos defined in the configuration
  • Fix issue with missing icons for some jquery ui controls on administration pages
  • Ensure tagging field is set correctly in Business Module site list event receiver (i.e. has been promoted from Office Documents)
  • Set ReadOnly in SchemaXML for Doucment Id field.
  • Improved support for custom permission levels
  • Updates to EMM Smart Journalization and EMM Shared Access settings page UI update
  • Improve reliability and stability of WorkPoint settings cache
  • AuditLog Stability Improvements
  • AuditLog - Prevent that 2 jobs runs at the same time

Modern UI Bugfixes:

  • EMM Web part: Solve pagination issues
  • EMM Web part: Use 'JournalizeDate' over 'OrigDate' when available
  • EMM Web part: Solve sorting issue

WorkPoint 3.1.1. 

  • Fix bug where master site sync always replicates items if no item creation actions are active. even if the scope is not selected in the sync configuration.
  • Fix to Nintex Workflows
  • Check entity permissions before letting user see "Create site" and "Site management" buttons in List view and DisplayForm.
  • Export ComposedLook handler to ensure theme is set on new one site sitcollections.
  • Ensure we don't get listitem in site event receiver if it's checked out.
  • New security settings for site collection sync
  • Exclude lists from selectable document libraries in wizards.
  • Ensure license check is ignoring case on useremail
  • Changes to audit logging
  • Fix issue with wrong context when ensuring item location on ItemAdded bm site event receiver.
  • Change batch size for list item load and fix error on retry logic when updating inheritance fields to aviod timeouts.
  • Ensure duplicate content type fieldlinks can't be added.
  • Fix issue when adding favorite as a user with only read permission to the Favorite list

New solutions are now provisioned with app5  

Fixed issue with Site Creation from web api
Prefixed Current User Mapping fields with CurrentUser_
Fixed wrong resources in apply branding
Avoid logging app@sharepoint as active user

WorkPoint 365

Add hidden method in update controller to ensure itemlocation i property bag for all entity webs
Added support for current user item mail merge
Add hidden method in update controller to ensure workpoint base fields

Ensure child tabview gets created with correct title localization
Ensure we use title resources for child bm as tab view title resoruces when creating new tab
Fix content type replication issues with enterprise keyword fields
Exclude hidden enterprise keyword field (TaxKeywordTaxHTField) from content type fieldlink replication
Fix issue with deletion of all buffer sites
Error in template Project Management Modern UI provisioning template
Set clientcontext request timeout to infinte when exporting/applying provisioning template
Ensure the app product id is stored in settings list on provisioning
Ensure workpoint failed email is sent if db operation fails on solution provisioning
Removed duplicate field from case managment template
Add null check for business module when getting webs to be deleted

WorkPoint 365

Support for additional production apps to avoid throttling issues.

WorkPoint 365

Fixed issue with editing excel templates with no major version.
Fixed missing link to joblog for scheduled dynamic site creator.
Ensure lookup fieldlinks are removed from content types when exporting a solution.
Show left hand navigation on pages with managed navigation.
Fixed issue with managed metadata fields when creating/updating items using the Web API.

WorkPoint 365

Fixed issue where new document id was not generated by the numerator service when copying an office document.

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