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Document/Item security rule issue

UPDATE:  13:00, 23/06-2021

We've identified an issue with security replication for Document/Item security rules causing it to fail.

If this type of rule isn't used, this message can be disregarded.

We'll provide an update as soon as we have a fix ready.


Issue introduced with WorkPoint 365 with version 3.10.2

UPDATE:  12:30, 23/06-2021

We're still investigating issues with ModernUI, specifically Entity Details, so we recommend not updating ModernUI untill this is fully resolved. 

UPDATE:  14:30, 18/06-2021

For WorkPoint 365 solutions running in Modern UI modules with large quantities of entities, the top panel will show errors, due to an issue introduced during the roll-out of WorkPoint 365 version 3.10.2.

Entity sites in smaller modules will continue to work as expected and there is no impact to using and working with entities in WorkPoint Express.


SOLVED: WorkPoint 365 UI elements not loading issue

UPDATE:  11:00, 17/06-2021

The issue is now solved.

This was caused by the scripts used from the WorkPoint CDN being blocked by the browser.

We haven't been able to identify what change suddenly caused this, except that it wasn't a change in the WorkPoint infrastructure.

To mitigate this we've set up some CORS rules (Cross Origin Resource Sharing), to make sure that our scripts are not blocked.


UPDATE:  09:30, 17/06-2021

Some customers are currently experiencing an issue where WorkPoint UI elements are not loading.

We're investigating the issue and will provide an update as soon as possible.


SOLVED: WorkPoint 365 Web API issue

UPDATE: 11:15, 26/05-2021

Our WorkPoint 365 Web API is responding correctly again and all services are working as expected.


SOLVED: Microsoft Azure AD issues

UPDATE: 11:30, 14/12-2020

Microsoft have now solved the issue.

See below statement.

Azure Active Directory - Authentication errors - Mitigated (Tracking ID PS0T-790)

Summary of impact: Between 08:00 and 09:20 UTC on 14 Dec 2020, a subset of customers using Azure Active Directory may have experienced high latency and/or sign in failures while authenticating through Azure Active Directory. Users who had a valid authentication token prior to the impact window would not have been impacted. However, if users signed out and attempted to re-authenticate to the service during the impact window, users may have experienced impact

Preliminary root cause: We determined that a single data partition experienced a backend failure.

Mitigation: We performed a change to the service configuration to mitigate the issue. 


UPDATE: 10:00, 14/12-2020

Microsoft is currently having issues with Azure AD authentication.

This is possibly affecting all areas of WorkPoint where we need to authenticate users for some customers, but not all.

We'll monitor the situation closely and provide an update as soon as we know more.


SOLVED: Stage Model issues

UPDATE: 11:00, 04/12-2020

The hotfix ver. is now deployed.

For a full list of issues solved in this hotfix please take a look at our hotfix release notes


UPDATE: 09:30, 03/12-2020

This applies to all solutions using Stage Change triggers in Action Management

We've identified an issue where Stage Change triggers are not triggered after upgrade to 3.8.1.

A hotfix for this is currently being developed.

Meanwhile we strongly recommend to postpone all upgrades to 3.8.1.

We'll provide an update when the hotfix is ready for deployment.


SOLVED: Classic stage webpart issue

UPDATE: 11:00, 04/12-2020

A fix for this issue was included in the hotfix ver.

It is not necessary to wait for the 3.8.2 version.

For a full list of issues solved in this hotfix please take a look at our hotfix release notes


UPDATE: 16:00, 02/12-2020

This only applies to Classic UI solutions upgraded to 3.8.1.

The Stage webpart does not render the stage model correctly, as only the current stage is shown.

It is still possible to change stage using the Change Stage button from the My Tools menu.

We'll include a fix for this issue in the 3.8.2 version, that will be released on December 19th.

We recommend customers to wait for the 3.8.2 release before upgrading from 3.7.5 versions or earlier.


SOLVED: Sites are not created

UPDATE: 16:15, 13/11-2020

The issue has now been resolved.

The issue was limited to site creation through the WorkPoint API (manual site creation and integration). Automatic site creation was not affected by this issue.


UPDATE: 13:45, 13/11-2020

We're currently having issues with site creation. We're currently investigating the issue and will provide and update as soon as we have more information.



SOLVED: Issue with Azure AD authentication

UPDATE: 11:45, 3/11-2020

Today, WorkPoint identified a brief issue with Microsoft's Azure AD authentication which impacted all WorkPoint customers and users. After reporting the issue, it has now been solved.

The issue which was identified today at around 10:30 caused users to experience limited access to functionalities in the WorkPoint 365 interface and that some available functions would not be working. In addition, some users could not access their WorkPoint solution via WorkPoint Express.


Microsoft has now solved the issue and customers should no longer be impacted by this.


SOLVED: WorkPoint Express cannot startup

UPDATE: 10:30, 28/09-2020

We have tuned the database and the issue is now solved.

During our analysis we can see that this issue started around 8.10 and operation was back to normal at 10.15

UPDATE: 10:00, 28/09-2020

We're currently investigating an issue with high CPU usage on our Azure backend, causing timeouts when WorkPoint Express is starting up.
Meanwhile we encourage users to use the browser instead of WorkPoint Express.


SOLVED: Expiry of the certificate

UPDATE: 09:31, 07/09-2020

Since early Sunday morning (September 6th, 2020) customers may have experienced issues when trying to access sites in their WorkPoint solutions. This was due to expiration of the certificate. The certificate has been renewed and customers should not experience any issues related to this any longer.
No action is required from either customers or partners.



SOLVED: An issue with WorkPoint's Web API caused WorkPoint Express to fail

UPDATE: 16:04, 24/06-2020

The issue with WorkPoint's Web API has been solved by Microsoft and users should no longer experience issues with WorkPoint Express.

The issue was due to maintenance work by Microsoft but has now been fully solved. Both WorkPoint and Microsoft continues to monitor the WorkPoint Web API to secure that no further issues should arise. 




SOLVED: Many customers are currently experiencing 503 errors

UPDATE: 16/04-2020 20.50

The capacity on SharePoint is now back to normal levels and all customers may now resume full regular use of their WorkPoint solutions.


UPDATE: 3/4-2020 10.30

We've received reports from customers that they receive 503 - Server Unavailable errors.

This is SharePoint Online responding that the service isn't available. This can’t be fixed in WorkPoint, therefore we encourage all customers to report this directly to Microsoft from your own Office365 tenant.

WorkPoint has also contacted Microsoft to get the service restored. We'll provide an update as soon as we have new information to share.


UPDATE: 27/03-2020 15.00

With the latest corrections from Microsoft, we are now happy to inform You, that all customers can now resume using WorkPoint Express and our WorkPoint Office add-ins. We no longer expect our customers to experience the SharePoint servers being unavailable, thus users should only exceptionally experience related error messages.

Some customers may still occasional reduced system performance, especially with regards to creating site collections, due to the generally reduced capacity on SharePoint.

The following blog is now available with some additional information about these temporary changes: Awareness of temporary adjustments in SharePoint Online 

We also advise you to take a look at SharePoint Incident SP207374 in your Microsoft 365 Admin Center. 


UPDATE: 25/03-2020 16.00

We've been monitoring all customer solutions during the day and have only seen very few throttling issues (503 errors), however we are currently maintaining our previously announced recommendations to minimize traffic against SharePoint.


UPDATE: 25/03-2020 08.00

Microsoft have found some unexpected throttling (503 errors) and have addressed the issue during the night. We're monitoring all customer solutions to confirm if the change is working as expected.


UPDATE: 25/03-2020 22.00

The SharePoint Engineering Team at Microsoft is investigating possible solutions


UPDATE: 23/03-2020 22.30

Our Microsoft case has now reached the SharePoint Product Group.

Tomorrow we expect a public announcement from Microsoft regarding the issue.

WorkPoint will also provide some guidelines/actions to minimize traffic against SharePoint.


UPDATE: 23/03-2020 12.00

Microsoft is still having issues with their service.

Unfortunately we haven't been provided with a time frame for a solution.

It is primarily the APIs to SharePoint that is affected, so as a workaround customers can use the browser to access WorkPoint/SharePoint.


UPDATE: 20/03-2020 12.00

We're working with Microsoft and some customers to collect trace logs.

The issue has also been escalated within Microsoft.


SOLVED: Unexpected error in wizards

Updated 11:01, March 13th, 2020

The previously identified issue which resulted in unexpected errors when trying to launch wizards from WorkPoint 365 has now been fully solved.



SOLVED: An issue has been identified which prevents users from creating new site collections.

Updated 09:26, February 26th, 2020

The previously identified issue which prevented WorkPoint users from creating site collections has now been fully solved.


SOLVED: Microsoft issue causes delays or problems for loading SharePoint Online sites

Microsoft has released the following statement regarding the status of the loading issue with SharePoint Online sites: 

User Impact: Users may experience intermittent delays or navigation errors when accessing SharePoint sites.

Current status: We're continuing to revert the change, as this propagates throughout the affected environment, users will begin to see the service recover.

Scope of impact: Impact is specific to a subset of users who are served through the affected infrastructure.

Estimated time to resolve: We expect this issue to be completely resolved for all affected users within the next 4 hours as the fix is safely implemented.

Root cause: A recent change, containing multiple service improvements, has inadvertently caused a connectivity issue to some database infrastructure. 

If you have experienced any issues with this, please contact and The WorkPoint Team will assist you. 

We are working on getting further information from Microsoft and we will provide an update, when we have more information or the issue has been resolved.


SOLVED: WorkPoint Express issues with latest update to Microsoft Windows

The latest update to Windows (May 2019 - version 1903) seems to cause issues for WorkPoint Express.

The update breaks the input fields in the program making it impossible to enter text in WorkPoint Express. Thereby, users can not navigate, search, create entities or update properties among other things.

We are investigating the issue and will be working on a hotfix, but meanwhile, we will suggest that you postpone the Microsoft update for now.

If you have experienced any issues or have any questions regarding this, please contact and The WorkPoint Team will assist you.


SOLVED 20.03.2019: Breaking change on field ordering of content type fields

This Week, Microsoft accidentally introduced a bug in their server-side SharePoint API's. The bug affects the ordering of fields on content types.

The consequence of the bug is that SharePoint returns an error each time a client requests a new order of fields on a content type. WorkPoint 365 does this in various features. The following features may be affected by the bug:

  • Site Creation
  • Master Site Synchronization
  • Site Collection Provisioning
  • Site Collection Synchronization
  • Export/import

Microsoft has acknowledged the bug and a fix is planned to get fully applied to production worldwide within the next 36 hours.

If you have experienced any issues with this, please contact and The WorkPoint Team will assist you.

We are working on getting further information from Microsoft and we will provide an update, when we have more information or the issue has been resolved.


If you have questions regarding this, please contact

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