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WorkPoint Express issues with latest update to Microsoft Windows

The latest update to Windows (May 2019 - version 1903) seems to cause issues for WorkPoint Express.

The update breaks the input fields in the program making it impossible to enter text in WorkPoint Express. Thereby, users can not navigate, search, create entities or update properties among other things.

We are investigating the issue and will be working on a hotfix, but meanwhile, we will suggest that you postpone the Microsoft update for now.

If you have experienced any issues or have any questions regarding this, please contact and The WorkPoint Team will assist you.

SOLVED 20.03.2019: Breaking change on field ordering of content type fields

This Week, Microsoft accidentally introduced a bug in their server-side SharePoint API's. The bug affects the ordering of fields on content types.

The consequence of the bug is that SharePoint returns an error each time a client requests a new order of fields on a content type. WorkPoint 365 does this in various features. The following features may be affected by the bug:

  • Site Creation
  • Master Site Synchronization
  • Site Collection Provisioning
  • Site Collection Synchronization
  • Export/import

Microsoft has acknowledged the bug and a fix is planned to get fully applied to production worldwide within the next 36 hours.

If you have experienced any issues with this, please contact and The WorkPoint Team will assist you.

We are working on getting further information from Microsoft and we will provide an update, when we have more information or the issue has been resolved.


If you have questions regarding this, please contact

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