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Current WorkPoint365 issue:

Update 19-01-2018 15:40 CET

Today at 17:30 CET our Head of Development are meeting with technicians from Microsoft. We hope to be able to inform further later.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

The WorkPoint team

Update 18-01-2018 23:50 CET

We have received some new information from various sources in Microsoft.

It seems that this issue is also affecting other Independent Software Vendors (ISV's) that, like WorkPoint, is building software applications on top of SharePoint Online. This confirms that it is a general issue across Microsoft's platform.

We have contact with several Microsoft engineers working on the issue. As it has been escalated to a high priority, we have no doubt that a solution will soon be found. As soon as we know more, we will update.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

The WorkPoint team

Update 17-01-2018 22:55 CET

At this point we are still waiting for Microsoft to get back with more news for us. This evening our Head of Development received the following notification from their support engineering team:

"Hello Henrik

Unfortunately, we don't have any updates, yet.

I am currently in contact with the Escalation Team, since they are helping with the analysis.

As soon as I have any further updates, I will let you know.

As we discussed, we know the issue is critical and I also informed our Teams about this, so the case is treated with very high priority.

Please keep in mind that we also want to help you as soon as possible, so I can assure you once we have any further information, you will be informed right away.

Thank you again for the collaboration and thank you for your patience so far."

We apologise for the inconvenience.

The WorkPoint team

Update 17-01-2018 09:56 CET

Following our own and Microsoft's investigation since yesterday, we have this update about the current issue.

While Microsoft has still to present a final solution, our investigation shows that the problems can be limited by lowering WorkPoint's load on the SharePoint Online environment. We have identified that a number of WorkPoint365 solutions are running unnecessary scheduled jobs. By removing these jobs the load can be lowered and the problems minimised.

Especially the scheduled security replication jobs are in most WorkPoint solutions unnecessary. When security in WorkPoint365 is implemented by rules, it is not necessary to schedule incremental security replication. Also the full security replication is only meant as an extra option when something is detected to be out of sync.

Following our latest release (version incremental security replication is no longer necessary.

We encourage all customers who are facing problems to contact their WorkPoint partners for a review of their setup.  This is crucial for the performance of the system.

For specific questions to this, please contact WorkPoint support on

Update 16-01-2018 16:47 CET

Microsoft is still researching the problem. We are in ongoing dialogue with their specialists, providing them information when they need it. This will continue tonight.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

The WorkPoint team

Update 16-01-2018 10:39 CET

Following our research on the WorkPoint365 issue detected yesterday, we have the following update:

As indicated in last update, we can now confirm that the problem is not a bug in the WorkPoint code, but lies in the interaction between WorkPoint and Microsoft systems.

We are working with Microsoft to solve the problem.

Some customers will experience the problem while others will go untouched.

If you have specific questions in regards to this, please contact Partner & Product Manager Asger Steffensen on or phone +45 22 53 57 45

We apologise for the inconvenience.

The WorkPoint team.

Update 15-01-2018 16:41 CET

We have been in contact with Microsoft support to solve the issue. At this point we have shipped data to Microsoft they have requested for analysis for their specialists.

Update 15-01-2018 12:55 CET

Some WorkPoint365 solutions are experiencing difficulties. Users and administrators might get errors when performing normal tasks, or running background jobs.

The problems are due to the way the WorkPoint365 application is interacting with SharePoint Online. It is not yet clear what causes this, it might be due to changes in the way SharePoint Online is handling the interaction.

Our development team is working on solving these problems as a matter of priority. We will keep you updated on progress.

Due to this, some system disturbance must be expected while we work on a solution, and users might experience the odd error message. We expect to be able to avoid system downtime, but some short downtime might occur.

We recommend that you have your system administrator checking the error logs in WorkPoint365 administration for any failed jobs. Failed jobs must be re-run. For assistance, please contact your WorkPoint partner or the WorkPoint support center.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

The WorkPoint team


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